An Introduction To Harlow Country Music Centre

Harlow Country Music Centre (then called the Broken Spur) was founded over 40 years ago, amongst a group of friends, who began playing music just for their own pleasure.

After using several venues, where people paid to see live country bands, the move to the now legendary Victoria Hall in 1976 was the beginning of the real success story.

Every Tuesday the venue played host to all the top British acts, and several American tour bands until it's closure in 1993.

In October 1993 we reopened at our new venue The Link, meeting on alternate Thursdays, with continued success.

We strive to maintain the posistion of one of the leading country music clubs in England, we do this by offering the very best country music to our listeners.

Admission To The Harlow CMC Is:


Sorry but unfortunately no children are allowed at the Harlow CMC unless prior arrangements have been made with us